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Notes for Applicants

Please note that as of November 2016 we are no longer able to accept any new applications until further notice.

The Planning Exchange Foundation (PEF) provides grant support for projects which assist it to deliver its objective. This is:

‘To advance the education of the public and to thereby create a better understanding of economic, environmental and social planning issues’


In order to reflect the above applicants must ensure that they present a clear statement which indicates how the proposed project will enable PEF to achieve its objective.

In addition, applicants should indicate how their project will enable others to learn from their experience. To achieve this aim there should be no restrictions in terms of confidentiality or copyright that would prevent PEF from being able to promote the widest dissemination of the relevant findings.

Action research as well as more academic projects will be considered.

The final project report must contain all relevant factual information regarding the project, details of the methodology used, offer a detailed analysis and assessment and provide a detailed commentary, including a clear assessment of outcomes.

The letter of application should provide the following information:

  1. Name of the applicants and any institutional affiliations, addresses, telephone, fax and email. It should state who is to be the project director and person responsible for all aspects of the project.
  2. The title of the project and a summary of the main aspects in no more than 50 words
  3. An indicative overall budget for the project with details of the resources required including materials, personnel, travel and subsistence and any premises costs.
  4. As the PEF is unlikely, except in the case of projects under £5k, to provide more than 50% of the costs, details of other sources of financial support and whether these are already secured or still to be confirmed. PEF is unlikely to be able to offer financial support in excess of £25,000.
  5. Full details of the project including aims and objectives, the key  questions being investigated, methodology and analysis, details of any proposed field work or surveys, a timetable, background details of all personnel. Details of any ethical issues raised by the project. Details of risks associated with the project. Details of proposed reporting and management arrangements.
  6. Details of how the project results will be publicised, including a commitment to provide interim and final reports with summaries and arrangements for wider dissemination such as academic papers, books, popular articles, briefing notes, guides, and where relevant workshops, conferences and web based publications. PEF places particular emphasis on wide and effective dissemination and applicants need to provide a draft dissemination plan as part of the application.
  7. We may ask you to provide names and contact details of up to two referees who can be contacted with regard to your proposal

Further Information

The initial discussion of your proposed project and the provision of general advice on the process of the application will be with the Secretary of the Foundation: Tony Burton OBE, email tony305@btinternet.com.

Next Steps

Once your formal application is received by the Secretary it will be reviewed by the Trustees who may consult a suitable independent expert for an opinion and may consult any referees.   The decision of the Trustees is final.